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Adding the Geologist to the Lawyer’s List of Experts

Posted in Practice Issues

Twice a year, lawyers in Pennsylvania who specialize in family law convene to discuss developments in their field. At this year’s first meeting, just concluded in Lancaster, the Family Law Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association heard from three experts concerning energy law and its impact on real estate. Roughly a decade ago, hydraulic fracking… Continue Reading


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It is well established in Pennsylvania that it is against public policy to allow parents to bargain away child support for their children, but what about “taxing” themselves whenever they file a custody action? That is essentially the question raised in the Huss v. Weaver case before the Pennsylvania Superior Court. The Superior Court ruled… Continue Reading


Posted in Custody

The Arizona Court of Appeals issued an opinion in the custody case of Steve Nash, the point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers.  The opinion upheld the trial court’s decision, which prohibited either party from disparaging the other on social media.  The issue arose initially when Nash’s ex-wife tweeted some disparaging comments about Nash.  Nash’s… Continue Reading

Expensive Shoe Collection Brings Divorced Couple Back to Court

Posted in Equitable Distribution

Jenice Armstrong of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote a column about Beth and Daniel Shak’s divorce. The Shaks divorce was finalized in 2009, but recently Mr. Shak filed a petition to enforce the parties’ settlement agreement and is seeking 65% of Mrs. Shak’s extensive (and expensive) shoe collection. Mr. Shak contends that this collection is an asset… Continue Reading

Decision Fatigue

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In August 2011, an article was published in the New York Times about “decision fatigue.”  John Tierney, a frequent columnist for the Times, describes a series of studies examining the effects of making multiple decisions over a period of time and experiencing what has been coined “ego depletion” whereby as human beings we have finite… Continue Reading

Fraud or Foolishness: Ex-Husband Using Madoff as Excuse to Invalidate Divorce Settlement.

Posted in Equitable Distribution

Following up on Mark Ashton’s “celebrity” themed blog entry on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ ownership, another high profile individual is having a residual effect on divorces: Bernie Madoff. Mr. Madoff’s crimes are well-documented and high profile. His arrest has given rise to a media niche on scan artists, including Montgomery County’s own “Madoff”, Robert L. Krikorian,… Continue Reading


Posted in Alimony, Divorce

We are often asked whether the negotiation process in divorce is admissible in the proceeding. “If I agree to take the house at $400,000, will that bind me if we can’t close on that number and the case goes to trial?” “If we said we would take 30 months of alimony at $3,000 can I… Continue Reading


Posted in Support

We are involved in a relatively simple case.  Wife is a homemaker only recently returned to work.  Husband is a mortgage broker.  Like many couples they became a bit over committed in the real estate market of the last few years. They wanted to participate in the real estate gains of the last few years and… Continue Reading


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Couples planning to marry often want to know if they need a Pre-Nuptial Agreement (also known as an Antenuptial Agreement). One may ask their estate or corporate lawyer what he or she thinks and the answer may be "yes" in many situations, but three very common ones are if: It is a second marriage for… Continue Reading