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Cohabitation Does Not Always Lead to Happy Marriages

Posted in Divorce

Advising individuals as to how to handle their cohabitation with a significant other is becoming an increasingly important aspect of my practice. There are many studies, theories, and myths as to the impact (positive or negative) on whether cohabitating before marriage is beneficial or detrimental to a marriage. A recent New York Times article addresses this very… Continue Reading


Posted in Alimony

As practitioners we advise clients that if they cohabit after they have been divorced they will most likely not receive alimony. 23 Pa.C.S.A. § 3706 provides that, “no Petitioner is entitled to receive an award of alimony where the Petitioner, subsequent to the divorce pursuant to which alimony is being sought, has entered into cohabitation with a… Continue Reading


Posted in Divorce

As practitioners, clients often ask us about filing for a "Legal Separation". While Pennsylvania does recognize the term, the "factual" date of separation may be important in valuing assets (non-marital assets are generally valued from date of marriage to date of separation) and for setting the date for when the grounds for a divorce may exist… Continue Reading