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Child Support Amnesty Week in Montgomery Co. June 10th

Posted in Support

(Photo: Its All About Aging) A glance at the Pennsylvania Support Code reveals the various enforcement mechanisms at the disposal of county Domestic Relations Offices. Rule 1910.20 offers remedies such as liens on real estate, reporting the delinquency to credit reporting agencies, and the initiation of a contempt action.Montgomery County recently announced a program to help… Continue Reading


Posted in Custody

In a recent custody case, the Court denied Father contact with his children except for supervised visits while they underwent therapy.  Mother filed a contempt petition asserting that Father violated the custody order when he went to a school concert and videotaped both the Mother and the child while there. The trial court correctly dismissed… Continue Reading

Expensive Shoe Collection Brings Divorced Couple Back to Court

Posted in Equitable Distribution

Jenice Armstrong of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote a column about Beth and Daniel Shak’s divorce. The Shaks divorce was finalized in 2009, but recently Mr. Shak filed a petition to enforce the parties’ settlement agreement and is seeking 65% of Mrs. Shak’s extensive (and expensive) shoe collection. Mr. Shak contends that this collection is an asset… Continue Reading

Indirect Criminal Contempts in PFA’s Net Multiple Convictions

Posted in Practice Issues, Protection from Abuse

Protection from Abuse (aka “PFA”) Orders are Pennsylvania’s version of what is colloquially known as the “restraining order.” What makes the PFA unusual is that it is a civil action, but has a criminal component to it, namely the punishment for violating the PFA: jail. One of America’s longest standing legal traditions is that a defendant… Continue Reading


Posted in Divorce

One of the great frustrations to both the law practitioner and the client comes after a court order is secured directing that a thing be done or not done, only to see the opposite occur.  The premise of the American judicial system is that when Court’s speak they do so with finality and it is… Continue Reading