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Leslie Spoltore’s Alimony and the First Amendment

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Leslie Spoltore, a partner in our Wilmington, Delaware office, just posted a blog entry on an unusual alimony argument made on appeal to the Delaware Supreme Court.  The family court evaluated the ex-wife’s expenses when calculating alimony she would pay to her ex-husband and reduced the significant contributions she made to her church down to… Continue Reading


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The Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal on February 19-20 reported on something most of us already knew:  Americans are not saving enough for retirement. The proposition is old but the data is new and, therefore, worthy of attention. Why is this germane to a series on Separation and Divorce?  That’s easy.  In divorce… Continue Reading


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In the process of handling a divorce where minor children are involved it is not uncommon for the parties to at least broach the subject of contributions to an undergraduate degree or vocational training for a child following high school.  This was once a pretty easy subject as Pennsylvania required separated parents to contribute to… Continue Reading