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Cases Citing Recent Decision as to When Lawsuit Proceeds Are Marital Begin to Roll In

Posted in Divorce, Equitable Distribution

Earlier this year, Mark Ashton, a partner in our Chester County office, wrote about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision, Focht v. Focht. This case is significant because it overruled Pennsylvania’s prevailing caselaw addressing how to determine whether a lawsuit and personal injury settlement are marital or non-marital assets. The old law looked to the timing of when… Continue Reading

Superior Court Upholds Distribution of Pre-Embryos in Equitable Distribution Case

Posted in Divorce, Equitable Distribution

The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently decided its first case addressing the allocation of frozen pre-embryos between divorcing spouses. The pre-embryos were created as part of the parties’ in vitro fertilization process shortly after wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and would likely be unable to reproduce after treatment. The appeal was brought by the husband from the… Continue Reading

Divorce Proofing Your Business

Posted in Equitable Distribution

Family law has seen an evolution of facts in cases that are directly tied to the economy. One of the more common has been the long-term separation in the same house, but another has been the motivation of business owners to pursue a divorce. Anecdotally, we have seen cases in which the plaintiff is an… Continue Reading

Fox Rothschild Attorney, Jennifer Millner, Scores a Victory in New Jersey for the Valuation of Her Client’s Military Pension

Posted in Equitable Distribution

I would like to highlight a recent victory by one of our outstanding New Jersey family law attorneys; Jennifer Millner, Esquire, a partner in our Princeton office, won an appeal to New Jersey’s Appellate division over an issue arising from valuation of a military pension.  Because the Husband’s Air Force pension was based upon an… Continue Reading

Recent Updates to Decedent’s Estates and Fiduciary Law Reflects the Divorce Code

Posted in Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Practice Issues

In October, 2010, Governor Rendell signed into law Act No. 85 which amended Title 15 and 20 of the Pennsylvania Code to address the death of a party during divorce proceedings. Previously, the Divorce Code was amended to reflect the fact that if a party to a divorce dies after grounds have been established, then equitable… Continue Reading


Posted in Equitable Distribution

In the scheme of things, worrying about car insurance while n the process of divorce may seem unimportant. You likely have other, more pressing issues to address, such as who is getting the house, or the pension, or Thanksgiving with the kids. So long as the existing policy is being paid, it is easy to… Continue Reading