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In the past decade, Americans have racked up a prodigious amount of debt and it is fairly common for clients in divorce to not really understand how their debt is structured.  Was the U.S. Airways VISA joint or husbands with wife designated as an authorized user?  When trying to disentangle a couple’s financial relationship it… Continue Reading

NFL Player’s Trouble Demonstrates that “Family Law” Means More than Just Divorce

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The stereotype of a family law attorney is that they deal in divorces or are limited to issues between spouses. The reality is that the practice can be far reaching in scope and encompass estate planning issues, business interests, and matters that extend beyond ex-spouses, but that deal with many aspects of a client’s life.  A… Continue Reading


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The practice of family law is where practicality meets emotion with diverse consequences.  For some, divorce comes upon them like a changing tide; for others, it is an emotional tsunami.  People fall apart for various reasons, but the two most common are: “I like someone better,” and “I can’t live like that.” The former has to… Continue Reading


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A recent article by Laura Petrecca in USToday highlights a fact which many people forget when considering prenuptial agreements – they are as different as the individuals seeking them. As we have previously discussed on this blog, the law behind prenuptial agreements makes nullifying a prenup a difficult proposition, but it is also worth mentioning… Continue Reading

Twelve Things To Consider Before Filing for Divorce

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My fellow blogger, Al Nye, the author of Maine Divorce Law Blog, recently sent me the following article.  Its a nice primer relating to things to think about as a client in making the decision whether or not to separate and divorce.  Al writes the following: You know the numbers.  It’s projected right now that about… Continue Reading