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Discussing “how to survive the holidays” during the holidays is a pretty standard article for people to write. For many clients, such articles allow for self-reflection on how they approach the holidays and their interaction with their ex-spouse; or it helps build some confidence that they will manage the uncomfortable situations which arise around extended… Continue Reading


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Leslie Spoltore in our Wilmington office recently wrote on the Delaware Trial Practice Blog about Delaware’s “stand-by guardian” laws which allow a parent or guardian “afflicted with a progressive, chronic condition or terminal illness to make arrangements for the future care of their child without terminating their own legal rights.”  This law allows parents and… Continue Reading

Unsportsmanlike Conduct? Running Back’s Mom Runs His Letter of Intent to Lawyer

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College football recruiting can become, for a sought after recruit, the perfect intersection of where talent meets commoditization; in other words, recruiting is where the athletic talents of the amateur student-athlete attract the attention revenue generating college football programs.  Recently, however, an incident between a student-athlete and his mother highlights the conflicting agendas and motivations… Continue Reading

Tips for Gearing up for School!

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If you are like most parents, you spent this past weekend thinking about what your kids needed to be ready for school, which can be stressful enough by itself.  If you are like some of my clients, you may have spent part of the weekend also worrying about  how to navigate through the beginning of… Continue Reading