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My colleague Aaron Weems has already reported that late last month the Pennsylvania Supreme Court put an end to what was a five year experiment with court appointed ombudsmen tasked to decide minor custody disputes where the need to have a prompt resolution outweighed an assessment of how a particular custody issue affected a child’s best… Continue Reading


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Whenever there is a deep-seated dispute concerning which parent, if either, should have primary physical custody of a child, a question commonly asked is whether the Court should have the benefit of a formal custody evaluation.  These studies, most often undertaken by psychologists, attempt to evaluate the relative parenting skills of the parents and seek… Continue Reading

“Not Another Brittany Spears Article”

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No, this is not about Brittany Spears, but it is about how courts determine custody arrangements between two parents who cannot agree. The legal determination that a court must make is what is in the best interest of the child. This gives the court a lot of power and each custody case is different because each… Continue Reading