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Reverse Mortgage Redux

Posted in Divorce, Practice Issues, Taxes

This is not a money management blog but what we increasingly find is that many divorce clients simply “trusted” that their resources would be sufficient to carry them through retirement. The great awakening comes when they discover they are now splitting what looked like a comfortable retirement and that their ability to make up for… Continue Reading

Divorce and Adult Children: The 12th Players on the Field

Posted in Divorce

In April, 2014 the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis published a monograph on financial status of older Americans.  It corroborated a trend that has been evolving for several decades. Beginning with the advent of Social Security old Americans began for the first time to preserve and in many cases grow their net worth in… Continue Reading

A Lesson in Paying Attention to Estate Documents and Designations

Posted in Divorce

We were consulted recently by a personal representative of an estate concerning the decedent’s death beneficiary of his 401(K) retirement plan.  The decedent had married before ERISA became law, but executed a beneficiary form shortly afterward naming his then spouse.  Later he divorced that spouse with a property settlement agreement by which spouse waived all… Continue Reading


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The rate divorce among couples in their 50’s or older has grown so much in recent years that it has earned its own moniker: gray divorce. A recent article in the Fiscal Times by Christina Couch highlights some of the financial issues which are resulting in retired couples spitting up. Not surprisingly, they are really not any different from the reasons why any… Continue Reading


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This question is one that financial planners want us to focus upon every day in their quest to increase our savings rates and their assets under management.  We have previously reported on this subject in earlier blogs but one of the leading retirement savings managers, Fidelity Investments, published its findings on this subject last month.… Continue Reading

Social Security Secrets

Posted in Practice Issues

Social Security benefits can be an integral part of a divorce case. The ages of parties when they divorce may create a factual circumstance where the timing of Social Security benefits needs to be considered. Suffice to say, Social Security is a vast and complicated system but, as pointed out in an excellent article by economist Larry… Continue Reading


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The Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal on February 19-20 reported on something most of us already knew:  Americans are not saving enough for retirement. The proposition is old but the data is new and, therefore, worthy of attention. Why is this germane to a series on Separation and Divorce?  That’s easy.  In divorce… Continue Reading


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In case you are one of those driven under a rock by the economic news of the past few months, you may have missed the latest news.  One of Wall Street’s most prominent investment advisers appears to have walked off with $50 billion dollars in what may qualify as the largest Ponzi scheme in world… Continue Reading