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Last May, Susan Foreman Jordan in our Pittsburgh office issued a very informative alert on the impact of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Windsor on the IRS and Department of Labor recognition of same-sex marriages. Susan identifies and explains how the IRS and Department of Labor clarified, so as to… Continue Reading


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(Image: www.aaahighroads.com) I am sorry I doubted you, Alan Thicke Like many people, I have a healthy skepticism for infomercials or to-good-to-be-true schemes, so when I kept hearing Alan Thicke – famous for the 1980’s show “Growing Pains,” marrying a Miss World, and the real life dad to pop star Robin Thicke – pitch a… Continue Reading

IRS Allows Same-Sex Couples to File Married

Posted in Same Sex Marriage

On September 12th, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court issued a ruling which barred the Montgomery County Orphan’s Court Clerk, D. Bruce Hanes, from issuing any more same-sex marriage licenses.  As an example of the near constant local and national machinations of the same-sex marriage and the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Windsor decision, a few days… Continue Reading

Guest Blogger Matt Levitsky Asks: Who Gets to Claim a Child as a Dependent if there is 50/50 Custody?

Posted in Support

Tax issues are an important component of equitable distribution cases and the Pennsylvania support code specifically allows the Court to allocate child tax exemptions between parties. Matt Levitsky, a tax and estate attorney in our Blue Bell, Pennsylvania office, recently took the time to elaborate on the issue of child tax exemption and the dispute that… Continue Reading

Delaware Court Case Offers Criteria for Awarding Child Tax Exemptions Among Parents

Posted in Practice Issues, Support

The allocation of child tax dependency exemptions is a topic of discussion among our clients on a frequent basis. While the guidelines issued by the I.R.S. dictate who is eligible to claim the children, in Pennsylvania the issue may be raised in the context of child support under Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 1910.16-2(f). The… Continue Reading

Short Deadline Prevents Battered Spouses from Raising “Innocent Spouse” Defense

Posted in Equitable Distribution

Not surprisingly, the two year rule has been coming under fire in Congress with the introduction of legislation by presidential candidate and Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, as well as a demand by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus that the IRS review the two year deadline. With respect to divorce, particularly in Pennsylvania where two years of… Continue Reading

April 15th

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Each year I get phone calls from clients around the tax filing deadline asking for advice regarding tax filings.  First of all, your attorney likely is not an accountant and certain tax issues need to be discussed directly with an accountant.  However, there are some important things to consider when doing your taxes during a… Continue Reading