Let the lesson be learned: In this day and age of technology, what you say, in whatever format, could be used against you later.

This morning’s news story relating to Alex Baldwin’s voice mail message to his daughter, who I believe was reported as being 11 years old, should be a lesson to every person going through a divorce and to every person who may now or in the future have a possible custody issue.  

While many states have laws limiting the recording of conversations, whether in person or on the phone (and you should consult an attorney about this issue before ever attempting to make such a recording because it could be a crime), if a person voluntarily creates a recorded message or statement, whether on a voice mail system or by sending an email, the statements made likely are admissible in a court proceeding. 

I tell my clients all the time to be very careful in emails.  In many situations I also ask to review many emails before they are sent.  Finally, I have clients keep every email, in bound and out bound, so that I can review them prior to hearings and make sure there are no surprises waiting for me in the courtroom.

If the recording of Alex Baldwin is accurate, it is wrong on so many levels.  Even if his allegations are true that his former spouse is attempting to alienate his child from him, it is up to him to take the high road and keep his daughter out of the middle of, what should be, an argument between the adults. 

Think before you speak and before you write.  That is the message for the day.