I have been practicing family law for over 26 years.  To ease the pressure of this practice, I resort to making rhymes about my work.  Here is one dealing with Prenuptial Agreements.


Come live with me and be my bride

To acquire an estate, to equitably divide.

Without regard to marital fault,

As well as those trinkets stashed away in the vault.

Custody of the children is our paramount concern,

For what is in their best interests we must discern

‘Cause in our state of holy matrimony,

One is also entitled to an award of alimony.

Perhaps for life, or for limited duration,

What is fair and reasonable requires explanation.

A mutual compromise is the best solution,

If not, our lawyers will guide us in the dissolution.

With endless anger, grief and fees,

The cure for this illness is worse than the disease.

So, now my love, be not remiss,

In this your opportunity for wedded bliss.