Do I stay or do I go? This is not an easy question to answer. If you are contemplating a divorce and your spouse says “If you leave, I will bury you”; or  “If  you continue to see her, you will never see your children again”.  What do you do? Are these reasons or statements enough to cause you to remain in the marriage; or, do they have the opposite effect making you say to yourself  “I better leave now because it’s now or never”. Two sides of the same coin. What to do? Don’t expect the Judge to resolve these issues if it gets that far. Family Court is not always “just”. Family Court is a Court of contentious litigation, highly emotional, and slow to respond. One should not stay in a marriage because of fear! Harsh words are symptoms of a failed marriage. However, don’t expect to resolve these issues in a courtroom. A courtroom only serves as the legal battlefield for the clients and their proxies (the lawyers) to engage in combat consistent with certain rules. The Judge is the umpire – however, in calling “balls and strikes”, the Judge may miss a few. Divorce litigation is hand to hand combat where everyone gets hurt. Attempt to resolve your problems out of Court, if you can. The process is highly charged – both emotionally and economically.