I am currently in the process of finalizing an adoption for a grandmother and her grandson.  The grandmother initially came to me in 2009, but she unfortunately suffered a stroke and could not complete the adoption process.  However, she is now healthy and anxious to legally "formalize" her relationship with her grandson, so that he can have consistency and stability in his life.  I am happy to be able to assist in bringing a family together.

I have been impressed throughout this process by the grandmother’s fortitude and her determination to get better so that she can care for her grandson.  She knows that family is important, and she is taking the necessary steps (which are sometimes difficult) to provide for her family.  Not only is she formalizing their relationship legally, she is getting her grandson the emotional help he needs to feel comfortable and safe in her care.   There are many resources available for those in her situation, and she has been smart to utilize them.

For those of you learning more about the process, check out the following links: