HBO will air a new documentary executive produced by Rosie O’Donnell called “Don’t Divorce Me! Kids Rules for Parents on Divorce.” It is scheduled to first air on September 20 and will probably be in HBO’s rotation for a while after that.

The documentary features interviews of two dozen children ranging in age from five to ten years old and is intended to offer an honest, emotional look at divorce from the perspective of children. I am looking forward to seeing this documentary in the hopes that I might be able to direct clients to view it. Often times the perception someone has that they are acting in their child’s best interest does not meet the reality of the impact their actions actually have on the children. While many counties in Pennsylvania require (or at least offer) the “Our Children First” seminar, it is usually viewed once a custody action has been filed and initial hearings or conference are pending – not necessarily a period of time when people are the most open to considering their roles and co-parenting responsibilities in a custody case.


A documentary such as this might be a really effective way to “reframe” a person’s approach to their custody case and perhaps find an outcome that is truly in the child’s best interests.