I recently completed my twins’ paperwork for their upcoming year at pre-school – quite the accomplishment!  Maybe it’s because there are two of them, but it was a lot of paperwork.  Some of the forms’ questions triggered me to think about custody matters, and how important it is that you let your child’s school know what is going on at home.  These particular forms asked me if the children’s parents were living together, who else lived at our home, and if anyone else was close to the children.  They didn’t go into the detail of asking about any custody arrangements or if any custody orders were in place, but if you had a custody order that was relevant you should provide a copy to your children’s school.  It’s important to let your school know any concerns you have related to the custody of your children – not to get them involved in any litigation you may have – but so that they can be aware and protect your children from the inherent difficulties of custody matters.