I heard a commentator on the radio this morning talking about how “financial infidelity” (or secret spending) can ruin a relationship.  You’ve probably heard that money is one of top reasons people get divorced.  So, what can you do to prevent money from ruining your marriage?  I think it starts before you get married.  Have frank discussions with your spouse-to-be about each of your financial situations, including your assets and debts.  Talk about your financial goals.  Make a plan for how you will spend and save your money during your marriage.  Determine who will handle the finances during your marriage.  You have to determine if you have the same financial goals.  Once you are married, you have to work together to achieve your financial goals.  It is not a one-time discussion.  It is an on-going dialogue to ensure that your financial goals will be met – and to ensure that you do the best you can to make sure money doesn’t ruin your marriage.