I wasn’t around for the inception of the Pennsylvania Family Law Blog, which I believe dates to 2006. In fact, I really wasn’t much of a believer that this form of communication would endure. But, in 2008 when the blog founder Charlie Meyer moved on to another firm, my sense of obligation to Fox Rothschild prompted me to take keyboard in hand and start typing.

Whether our readers come to us for wisdom or mirth is never quite clear but your response has been gratifying. We currently average about 10,000 reads a month and I am told by smart people that we have a very high ranking in something called Domain Authority (DA=57). We are read by people like bankers, accountants, lawyers, financial service industry types as one might expect. Then there’s someone at the Commission for European Communities, a couple folks at the Professional Golf Association (PGA) and most recently, something called Norway Towing, which is probably in the U.S. but I fancy it might be a guy with a hook driving around Oslo.

We are told there are roughly 400 blogs in the U.S. devoted to family law. We have been honored for the past two years to be named the best of them by folks at JDSupra. I should add that right next to us in the rankings is the blog produced by our New Jersey family law affiliates at Fox.

In any event whether you are a frequent reader or someone who just typed ”Au Revoir” seeking an English translation, thanks for reading.

Mark R. Ashton