A MarketWatch.com web feed on March 7, 2021, brought an article published under The Moneyist.  The format is question and answer and the inquiry was from a woman marrying an older man who approached her three days before the wedding with a prenuptial agreement.  Needless to say she is today married but coping with re-bound

We have written a fair amount about prenuptial agreements including a lengthy piece last October concerning difficult issues that young couples can face but rarely ever discuss.  Some recent litigation we have been managing prompts mention of a subject, which probably should be in a premarital agreement in almost every marriage.  In fact, we should

This was a summer where prenuptials arrived in profusion, and what made it interesting is that just about all of them involved folks who were either beginning or in the middle of their earning careers. Most prenuptials involve couples who already have kids from former marriages and money they want to preserve for those kids.

We have had a recent spate of pre-marital agreement requests from folks who adhere to Roman Catholicism as their faith.  This creates a rather ticklish situation because for better or worse many American Catholics don’t pay close attention to the Vatican’s Code of Canon Law and Chapter IV’s regulation of matrimonial consent.  Needless to say,

The Instruments of Embarrassment
The Instruments of Embarrassment

A recent story through ABC’s Good Morning America website highlighted the evolution of the prenuptial agreement in the social media age. Divorce lawyers are reporting an increasing amount of requests for language in prenuptial agreements – if not stand-alone agreements – addressing social media usage.


Not the best use...
Not the best use...

A very interesting opinion recently came down from the Pennsylvania Superior Court awarding attorney’s fees in a divorce case. This case is a non-precedential opinion, meaning it cannot be cited as establishing law on the issue, but it is emblematic of the risk one runs

A South Carolina attorney was recently disciplined for failing to have an active email address.

Despite characterizing herself as “retired” and not having a client in thirty years, the South Carolina Disciplinary Board still found that she “poses a substantial threat of serious harm to the public and to the administration of justice” for

              Pre-Nuptial Agreements are a hot button for engaged couples, but they can be a great way to minimize risk, exposure, and litigation in the event of a divorce or death of one of the parties. You may want to consider a Pre-Nuptial Agreement if it is a second marriage for at least one of the

Reported today on MSNBC is the lawsuit filed in Illinois by a 32 year old attorney against her 31 year old fiancé who decided four days before the wedding that marriage was not right for him.  The bride had already reserved the banquet facility for $30,000 and contracted for entertainment and decorations totaling an additional