My fellow blogger, Al Nye, the author of Maine Divorce Law Blog, recently sent me the following article.  Its a nice primer relating to things to think about as a client in making the decision whether or not to separate and divorce. 

Al writes the following:

You know the numbers.  It’s projected right now that about half of all new marriages end up in divorce.  It’s a horrible statistic that doesn’t begin to suggest the emotional and financial strain that it puts on families.  Other than the death of your spouse, divorce is probably the most stressful event you’ll ever face.  I’ve had women discussing their divorce in my office become violently ill.  I’ve seen hardened fishermen cry in open court during their divorce hearing.  Make no mistake – divorce is hell.


So what have I learned after being a lawyer for nearly 30 years and helping many folks go through this difficult process?  If you believe that a divorce is in your future, here are 12 things think about:

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