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Delaware Blog Explores an Unusual Asset

Posted in Equitable Distribution

Leslie Spoltore, a partner in our Wilmington, Delaware office, recently wrote a post on our Delaware Family Law Blog about a uniquely unusual to Delaware “asset:” license plates. Unlike every other state in the Union, there seems to be an dedicated, obsessed, and well heeled local market for low number Delaware license plates. According to… Continue Reading


Posted in Divorce

Given the current economic climate, divorcing parties are more vigilant than ever about the value and disposition of their marital assets. This article discusses methods and concepts which will help divorcing parties streamline the process of dividing their marital personal property, or personalty, during a divorce. Personalty can mean anything from an apple corer to a Rolex. Basically,… Continue Reading


Posted in Divorce

Over the past twenty years the landscape of executive compensation has changed markedly.  One new feature is the appearance of executive stock options as a form of compensation.  Stock options are a device by which key employees are granted the right to purchase shares of stock at a given price.  The “option” is to acquire… Continue Reading