Once again a horrible result in a custody case.  In Dandridge, Tennessee, outside of Knoxville, it appears that a maternal grandfather shot and killed the paternal grandparents, and wounded the father.  Unbelievably, the boy who was the subject of the custody issues was present.  The mother had been indicted on drug charges with her new husband.

Obviously, this is an extreme example.  And a tragic one.  People really have to keep their lives in perspective.  The poor boy has a mother who is in or going to jail, two grandparents dead, and his father is in the hospital.

Hopefully, parents involved in custody cases can realize that putting their child first is the most important thing.  Although parents may not always agree with decisions, courts do their best in making decisions in the best interests of children.  And that regardless of any result, violence is never the answer. 

To read more about this story, read the story in the Knoxville News Sentinel.