Here is a factual situation which is not atypical:

Mother pays child support to Father, based upon earnings of $100,000 per year.  Mother loses her job, and takes a lower paying job earning $50,000.   Then she files a Petition to Modify her Support Order.

What are the considerations in a case like this?  A recent Superior Court Opinion, Grigoruk v. Grigoruk, 912 A.2d 311(Pa. Super. 2006), sets forth a concise review of the considerations.  The Court’s discussion includes the following queries which must be resolved:

  • Under Pa.R.C.P. 1910.16-2(d), a party voluntarily accepting a lower paying job is not entitled to a reduction in support.  However, if a parent is fired for cause, the court should look to the party’s attempt to mitigate the lost income in deciding if a reduction in support should be allowed.
  • The court should look to the factual circumstances to determine if the subsequent job search was sufficient.
  • The court should look at the party’s employment immediately prior to the request for modification, and not the highest paying job the parent had 4 years ago.
  • A higher earning capacity may be assigned if the court finds that the reduction in income was the result of a parent’s misguided choice.
  • A parent may accept a lower paying job where it was the only job offered after a reasonable search.
  • A parent does not necessarily have an ongoing duty to mitigate the lost income by conducting an ongoing job search.  However, this also would be a determination based upon the facts.

In this case, the Superior Court relied upon several other cases to support its position, or to distinguish its position, including:

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