In child support cases, the party that is receiving child support pays the first $250 in unreimbursed expenses per child.  Medical expenses include insurance co-payments and deductibles and all expenses incurred for reasonably necessary medical services and supplies, including but not limited to surgical, dental and optical services, and orthodontia. Medical expenses do not include cosmetic, chiropractic, psychiatric, psychological or other services unless specifically directed in the order of court.  If your child has specific needs, then those needs will need to be specifically stated in the support order.

So what happens after the first $250 in unreimbursed medical expenses?  Those expenses are split in proportion to the parties’ incomes.  The parties will have to keep track of the expenses each year, and then submit them to the other party.  To ensure that you receive reimbursement, you should keep a spreadsheet with the receipts attached.  Pursuant to Pa.R.C.P. No, 1910.16-6(c), documentation of unreimbursed medical expenses that either party seeks to have allocated between the parties "shall be provided to the other party not later than March 31 of the year following the calendar year in which the final bill was received by the party seeking allocation."  So to make sure that you receive reimbursement, make sure that you get it to the other party by March 31st.  If you have any trouble getting reimbursement, the Court can always provide assistance.