Maybe it’s because I am a woman who works (and who recently returned from a second maternity leave), but I read a lot about women working and how they try to balance it all (working, being a spouse, and rearing good kids) and articles asking if it is possible for women to “have it all.”  However, it wasn’t until I came across this article about Phil Mickelson that I realized we don’t talk much about the struggle that men have trying to balance it all as well. 

Admittedly, I am not a golf fan, but I do know that Phil Mickelson ended up coming in 2nd after missing a series of putts he probably should have made.  But that is not what I’ll remember from this U.S. Open.  In this article, I was impressed that when faced with two important events that Phil Mickelson chose fatherhood first.  He recognized the value of family, and he recognized that his daughter would remember that he was at her graduation and not at the U.S. Open.  I think for the rest of us, it is a good example of the importance of family – that we make sure our children know that they are our first priority and that we as parents know that it is possible to put our children first.