If you are a lay reader cruising the net for information about how to handle your divorce, return to your search engine now in pursuit of more fertile material. Interlocutory appeals of discovery orders can numb the minds of invertebrates. But real lawyers might be interested.

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We have written before about the subject of when and how a person can be in “contempt” of a court order. The word itself is riddled with often misunderstood meaning.  What could be worse than having a court decide that you are contemptible?

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My colleague Aaron Weems reported this case on April 12. In the spirit of our U.S. Supreme Court, I offer the following concurrence with his blog but spirited dissent from what the Superior Court ruled.

In this published decision, a panel led by former President Judge Bender decides that so long as a reference is

In our haste to report on last week’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court case on support duties of non-parents, we overlooked another case decided on December 21, clarifying when an order conferring standing on a party in a custody case becomes appealable.

“Standing” is the legal term for the right to be a party in a lawsuit.

Over the course of the past generation, our society has begun to recognize that sexual orientation has nothing to do with a person’s merit as a worker, a parent, or a human being, in general. It is an orientation rather than an aberration, yet our courts do not have the power to create cases or

Appeals to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court can delay the final disposition of a matter for well over a year or more beyond a trial court’s decision. While the effect of such a delay upon economic determinations can be dealt with through readjusting financial awards, the effect upon children can have significant,