Today a news outlet called reported a recent 37 page decision by a New Jersey trial court adjudicating the question of whether a Father had legal authority to stop the mother of his eleven year old daughter  from taking the child to a concert by the singer-songwriter Alecia Beth Moore. Ms. Moore is known

My colleague Aaron Weems has already reported that late last month the Pennsylvania Supreme Court put an end to what was a five year experiment with court appointed ombudsmen tasked to decide minor custody disputes where the need to have a prompt resolution outweighed an assessment of how a particular custody issue affected a child’s best

It was Monday morning in Media, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The daily “list” of special relief petitions had almost thirty matters on it for disposition. The good news was that ten of them had either been withdrawn or “continued” to a later date. The bad news was that an unscheduled “emergency” would mean that the judge would be delayed

Having been through a spate of trials and hearings over the past few months, it has come to our attention that many clients have little familiarity with how courtrooms actually work.  Ironically lawyers assume that clients know how trials work.  Litigation is what we do every day.  Clients also tend to assume they know more