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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently accepted the case of Commonwealth vs. Spence, on appeal from the Superior Court.  This criminal case involves the issue of whether eavesdropping on a speaker-phone telephone call constitutes a violation of Pennsylvania’s Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act.  The outcome of this

 We live in an age when both people and transactions cross state borders more and more often. Evidence concerning what occurred in Pennsylvania is often located outside of the four corners of the Commonwealth and thus, beyond the subpoena power of Pennsylvania Courts.  This is true for all forms of litigation, not just family

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I recently took a phone call from an individual who wanted to learn about the laws related to the emancipation of a minor.  This person would not identify herself, but described herself as a “case worker” who was calling



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The Pennsylvania Support Rules were recently amended on December 30, 2012.  Rule 1910.29, formalizes the presentation of support evidence

For Pennsylvanians who live below Interstate 80 and east of the Allegheny Mountains, the Marcellus shale boom is vaguely known to us.  But it is told mostly in the context of cocktail party stories about hunting camps being transformed into huge payments for gas rights. Unless you own a hunting camp these stories are heard with

Most domestic relations practitioners have fairly standard agreement clauses which they are comfortable with and use day in and day out in the preparation of property settlement agreements. We have recently encountered two seemingly innocuous “boilerplate” clauses that can come back to bite if the document draftsperson does not consider all of what has transpired

As we all know sometimes statistics tell a story.  And as we look at the evolving American family the data coming out of Pennsylvania tell an interesting story as the family has evolved over 50 years.  The chart will tell most of the story:


PA Population

No. of Marriages

No. of Divorces

No. of