If you have been reading the news lately, we have seen lots of electronic ink spilled over entitlement programs, especially Medicaid and its role in health care reform. Meanwhile, the report of the Trustees of the Social Security Fund issued a grim report earlier this month about the viability of the program upon which almost

Our partner in the Tax and Wealth Planning Group Owen Knopping recently sent us the first draft of the New Medicare Tax Form (#8959). Although it is boldly stamped as a draft it is a useful tool to have when calculating the tax as it captures how the IRS sees the tax calculated.

The tax

Social Security benefits can be an integral part of a divorce case. The ages of parties when they divorce may create a factual circumstance where the timing of Social Security benefits needs to be considered. Suffice to say, Social Security is a vast and complicated system but, as pointed out in an excellent article by economist Larry

The Weekend Edition of the Wall Street Journal on February 19-20 reported on something most of us already knew:  Americans are not saving enough for retirement. The proposition is old but the data is new and, therefore, worthy of attention.

Why is this germane to a series on Separation and Divorce?  That’s easy.  In divorce

In Rimel v. Rimel, 913 A.2d 289 (Pa. Super. 2006), the Superior Court addressed an issue of first impression: whether husband was entitled to a social security set-off against the value of his Federal CSRS pension where he had worked not only for the federal government, but also in jobs through which he did