We tend to think that the use of computer software available on the internet could not possibly result in criminal charges brought against the party using it.  But on Friday October 7 a Court in Delaware County found a man guilty of using Eblaster “spyware” to intercept his Father’s electronic mail because he did not approve of his father’s social relationship with a woman.

We have noted earlier that Pennsylvania has a highly restrictive wiretapping law. The statute is many years old and as such, has not kept pace with explosion of electronic equipment and software intended to capture written messages whether published as email or text messaging. But, suffice to say that if you are using a device to intercept any form of electronic communication, you are in territory where you may be committing a crime no matter how pure you perceive your motives. I f you feel that you must do this for whatever reason, it would be wise to consult with an attorney familiar with both state and federal laws governing these subjects before you begin your project.