When this writer first began to practice matrimonial law in 1982, the period after November 1 of each year could be termed the “Quiet Time.” In those days, once Halloween had occurred people decided no matter how bad their situation, they would tough out the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas or Chanukah. They did so

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Discussing “how to survive the holidays” during the holidays is a pretty standard article for people to write. For many clients, such articles allow for self-reflection on how they approach the holidays and their interaction with their ex-spouse; or it helps build some confidence that they will

Despite that it is only early October, the holidays will be here before you know it.  Retailers are ready, with aisles full of Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.  If you share custody of your children, you should be ready too.  Here are a few tips:

1.            KNOW WHAT YOUR CUSTODY ORDER SAYS:  Even if you think

Summer has past and it feels like we are already well entrenched with fall. For some couples with custody agreements, issues about summer vacation and the summer-time holidays have been addressed. As the year progresses, however, religious holidays become the main source of contention between people. If they have not already addressed how they will

It’s the end of July; the perfect time to be discussing with your former or about to be former spouse the plans for the child(ren) for the balance of the summer, right?  Well, why not?  If the summer schedule has been discussed in the first three months of the year what fun would that be?